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Hey everybody.  How are ya?

I have a new PINTEREST Board called Healthy Snacks – it has some COOL ideas ..

Examples:  31 HEALTHY High-Protein Snacks  (For around 2 PM) – “Pick-me-ups”

77 Healthy Crockpot Meals

16 Healthy Nighttime Snacks

Healthy OREO Cake

Mediterranean TUNA Salad

Fermented Drinks, Tonics and Herbals

Herbal Smoothies and Green Smoothies

23 Cold Soup Ideas for Summer



Who is this all for?  Primarily for families on the go, college students, & those seeking healthier alternatives for their Food and Drink !

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Cooking Equipment: Dutch Ovens Explored

Cast-Iron Cooking Equipment: Calphalon vs. Le Creuset vs Lodge

 Cast Iron Cooking Equipment


Use of Dutch Ovens:  Le Creuset vs Calphalon Dutch Oven

There is a Simply Calphalon Nonstick 7-qt. Dutch Oven at Amazon – and if you’re wondering what the reviewers have said (it’s been rated 5 Stars by 74% of owners), you can READ More .  It is touted to have easy cooking & easy cleaning – plus it’s got a see-through lid & a 10 Year warranty.    calphalon-dutch-oven


Now the cost of that one was $49.95.  Let’s compare it to a higher quality line of Dutch oven – Le Creuset.  If you take their 7 1/4 quart dutch oven, it’s enamelized (very durable) and will run you $349.95 .

Or you can explore Le Creuset’s Signature Enameled cast-iron 6 3/4 oval dutch oven for $344.95 .  It’s cherry colored, and 92% of reviewers ranked it at 5.0 Stars !


Attention Calphalon Lovers :

*If you’d appreciate exploring the Calphalon Dutch oven further, just hit this page .  It covers the 5 quart size, up to the 8 1/2 Quart size (both stainless steel & hard anodized cookware).


NEW EDITION:  Le Creuset 2 Quart     


Btw, there’s now an attractive Le Creuset 2 Quart enamel for about $194.95 . What’s unusual is that 98% rated this at 5 Stars.  It comes in a lot of nice colors, so you may like to check it out – visit Amazon .

Reviewers seemed to like that the above had 45% larger handles for “good gripping”.

Now, if you’d care to analyze another line, Amazon has the Lodge brand – which a lot of people did reviews for.  Over 3300 people rated Lodge 6 Quart EC6D43 “Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven” 4.6 Stars.  And there are 102 Answered Questions at amazon — You can check the answers here .



*Note: When you go to the product page, you could CLICK on “102 answered questions” – which is right up at the top near the product price. (there also is Care Instructions 1/2 way down the page)

I read a bit as to durability of the Lodge – i.e, I went through the reviews .. and one astute reviewer said that both Lodge and Le Creuset do not stain – whereas the budget models (as in Target etc.) do.  This smart lady went on to tell us that someone who intends on using their dutch oven daily may want to upgrade to the “higher-priced model” of Lodge – the reason is it has 4 coatings of enamel vs. just 2 coatings for the $69 Lodge six-quart model.

You can read about this at the Amazon page .


P.S.  For you campers – guess what?  They (amzn) carry special gloves for handling the Lodge Dutch oven
If you’d like to explore DUTCH OVENS further, pls visit THIS

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Chinese Cooking Class: Chinese Recipes Pork

That’s Mandarin Brings You Moo Shu Pork with Natural Ingredients


Hi Ya’ll.  Today we have a couple of Chinese cooking videos that depict the following:

  1. Moo Shu Pork
  2. Sweet and Sour Pork

In the first cooking video, it’s kinda condensed down – i.e., they’ve adjusted the video so that it doesnt waste yr time (it’s sped up, yet you still are able to follow along as each piece of instruction is written on the screen for you).

It’s about 3.5 minutes long; Laoshi Du Cong is the instructor, and she is “soft spoken”.  Also she’s speaking in chinese – but don’t worry, this really doesn’t affect things since there are video screen tips & List of ingredients shown on the screen.


Laoshi holds up each of the raw ingredients – like onion, whole ginger, and garlic slice.  This is about 45 seconds into the video – and then, at about 1 minute she explains you should soak the agaric & day lily in warm water SO they’ll expand !

One of the next ingredients is soy sauce – and then comes the corn starch.

Moo Shu Pork:  Did You Know?

In its traditional form, Moo Shu uses shredded pork & scrambled eggs, stir fried in peanut or sesame oil with wood ear mushrooms and day lily buds.  In this video, the cook explains the exact process for the day lily — so don’t worry, you can’t “screw it up”!



For a twist, here is a cooking video covering how to cook the vegetables for Moo Shu – it’s the vietnamese method, and I noticed in this video the lady chef uses chicken broth (& Pork shoulder meat), rice vinegar & kosher salt.

Plus ginger, garlic cloves, brown sugar, wood ear mushroom, purple & green cabbage, hoisin sauce (I’ve used this & it’s pretty good), carrot & green onion. And she will wrap all the veggies & meat in a flour tortilla.

It’s 6 minutes, if You care to watch “Moo Shu Vegetables”:

The Facts from Wikipedia: Moo Shu Pork

The next chinese cooking video is a doozy – it’s a Brit (who runs Howtocookgreatfood.com ) and I like his presentation.  He throws the ingredients into a stockpot, naming off each thing as he goes along .. Sort of spontaneous.

Now the first items he tosses into the pot:  vinegar (USE any type you want), hot chili peppers & some roughly-cut ginger + sugar; next comes the part where u “bring to a boil”.

Then ..he warns you that the VINEGAR is going to emit a real STRONG smell (ha – so watch out).  This is the first part of it; then he moves to a Wok.  He uses sunflower oil, and gets the wok quite HOT !

Have a Look at “SWEET and SOUR PORK”  (7 1/2 minutes long) –



You can subscribe to his channel if u wish. He seems t/b popular (over 42,000 subscribers) – Do so at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tOo3NED_Ac


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Healthy Breakfast Foods: A Video

Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas for You: Egg and Salsa Sandwich with Avocado



Additionally there’s a quick ‘n easy yogurt with chia seeds recipe in this video.

**ADDITIONAL NOTE: Also there’s a unique recipe for low carb type pancake at around 4 minutes into the above video. It uses a QUALITY protein-powder and uses egg whites, a dash of cinnamon, almond milk & the protein-powder. Then you can top your pancake with blueberries, bananas, or whatever healthy fruit you’d like.

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Skinny Italian Recipes: Healthy Zuppa Toscana Soup

Skinny Italian Recipes:  Zuppa Toscana Soup (Copycat Olive Garden Style Recipe)

Reported by Jan Ashby   zuppa toscana soup

Today I want to share a new healthy soup video with you. I checked it out, and the chef in this video really does use healthier type ingredients..

For instance, instead of employing the use of pork sausage, he uses Jenny O turkey sausage – “Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage” to be precise.

This good instructional video will SHOW you, step by step, what ingredients you’ll need & how to make it. He substitutes fat-free Half & half for the heavy cream.

It involves onions & russet potatoes, and “crushed” red pepper. On the onion, use white or sweet onion – but not red onion. Garlic is used in a fairly healthy dose, as well.  Do you know how GOOD garlic is for you?  It’s a great element to cook with; I use it a lot !    Cooking Info Just for U

Lower Sodium Recipe: For The Health Conscious

Also fat-free, reduced sodium chicken broth and fresh kale. This recipe yields 2 gallons – so you may wish to halve the recipe.

Its twenty minutes long. Btw, he omits the bacon from the recipe.

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