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Best Gluten Free Recipes for You

By Jan Ashby  jan ashby

Today I have hunted up several good sources for  Chicken Cacciatore casserole recipes, and slow cooker chicken recipes (plus Chicken Pot Pie recipes, homemade).  One truly good source turned up 35 different variations of chicken cacciatore – incredible variety (yummy!).  For those of you who have allergies, you’ll  be glad to know they’re in the “best gluten free recipes” category.

The site that has the 35 gluten-free chicken recipes is . One of the listings is for a recipe with garlic sauce – if you like garlic, you could go for this .  *Note: This recipe has 43 percent of daily Potassium requirement and 39 percent sodium

Additionally, I am adding some delish Chicken Pot pie “homemade” recipes that are gluten-free.  They are from these 3 sites:

  1. Pillsbury
  2. Betty Crocker
  3. Bob’s Red Mill

The third recipe, from – employs the use of celery, gluten-free chicken broth, fresh mushroom, corn, onions, peas and carrots (plus spice & white wine).  Chicken potpie recipes  It is quite good, and the thing I like is it uses a LOT of ingredients.  So if you like variety, you may use this one.

The Pillsbury recipe is a bit more simplistic – but hey, if you’re in a rush you might appreciate that.  It uses a pillsbury pie dough crust that is “gluten free” (big surprise, eh?) and Progresso mushroom soup (Find #1 above).   With Bobs Red Mill, you create your own crust – see that here

Betty Crocker Chicken Pot Pie Homemade

Now, with the Betty Crocker creation, you use Progresso chicken broth (which is pretty nutritious – I use it myself).  You can have dinner ready in 45 minutes with this version – it is a pretty hearty pot pie, many people liked it (READ Reviews here) .

It used Green Giant Steamers mixed vegetables, dried thyme, cornstarch etc.  You can see that recipe at Betty Crocker’s site above.  (Just click on #2 in the list).  It might be a good idea to “double” the chicken & the veggies, for a family.  You decide!

It should be noted that the Pillsbury pot pie recipe was rated 5 Stars out of 5 – so you might wish to take a LOOK  

Chicken Cacciatore Recipes: What’s Simmering?

Here is a neat gluten-free Chicken Cacciatore recipe (slow cooker).  What I like with the Gluten-Free homemaker lady (Linda) is she features “gluten-free diet information” as well as having GLUTEN-FREE Wednesdayswhich is cool, as bloggers come to her site and contribute many recipes they’ve found across the Web.

You can read more of her bio HERE Linda Gluten Free Homemaker

You will notice that she also features a number of recipes without casein (a Milk protein), & many of her recipes are soy-free also.

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