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Dairy-Free Gluten Free Recipe Sites

By Jan Ashby    jan ashby

Hi.  Jan here.  Today I want to share with you some of the top resources on dairy free gluten free recipes that I’ve found in my journey across the Net.  The first one I’ll list requires a membership – yet it is a very organized site.. so it may be worth the $10 a month fee.  This is for you or your child’s health, after all.  It is called

With this site,  you get organized grocery lists, recipe cards, freezer prep instructions, labels, and simple “step by step” recipe directions and procedures. You will NOT need to use Google Docs – it is all right at the site.  There are seven groups you can choose from – such as “Mini Menu” – designated as a smaller, simpler method for preparing “family-friendly” freezable recipes you can warm up Freezable Recipes.

Within this category, there are things like:

  • Appetizer
  • Comfort foods
  • Salad Toppers
  • Slow Cooker
  • Back to School menu
  • Paleo Dessert
  • Meals that Heal

There are side dish menus, vegetarian menus, diet menus, Baby & Toddler menus , whole foods and traditional menus.  And of course there’s Gluten Free & Dairy-free !  Here is a link to this wholesome site full of good ideas.


Online Magazine with Dairy Free, Gluten Omitted Recipes

Next, there’s an online magazine with many topics and online recipes.  It is called Living Without Online magazine

Here you can sign up to get an allergy-free recipe sent to you each week.  There are resources such as Ingredient substitutions, cassein-free quick start guide, “gluten-free” quick start guide, ebooks, product reviews, & even a bookstore – plus there is an archive at this site.

Right now they have a holiday ebook featuring gluten-free menusIt covers stuffings, Christmas Brunch, desserts – and even has a nice feature on Hanukkah.

*Note: This site offers Support (you can ask questions) and has a section on restaurant guidance & “Kids and Allergies”.


Next up:  The Gluten Free Diva

This is a woman who has been blogging on this subject since 2005 – so she has a BIG build-up of recipes.  Things such as Maple walnut muffins, Cranberry ginger muffins, multi-grain bagels, savory dinner rolls, Irish soda bread & even “old-fashioned farm bread”.  Additionally, she has sample recipes such as Bob’s Red Mill Breadstix and Burger Buns.  I ‘ve used Bob’s Red Mill and can attest to its goodness.

As Ellen has been writing her blog a LONG time, she has a lot of good stuff – however, be forewarned that there are some recipes (from older archives) that include meat.  Her newer stuff features really HEALTHFUL things – such as homemade almond milk, Homemade Muesli, or breakfasts such as Scrambled tofu, “Perfect Pancakes” or hearty 4-grain cereal.  If you would like to see her About Page – feel free.  (Ellen is a certified Holistic Health Coach)

Personally, I really like the muesli .. but her Multi Grain Waffles with Fruit Sauce ain’t too shabby either !

BTW:  I love her recipe for Chai Chocolate Nog Latte   Latte Drink Recipe


Recipes:  Multi Grain Waffles (gluten-free-dairy-free)

Homemade Muesli    Green Smoothie for Breakfast


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