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Video: This Sumptious Black Tie Mousse Recipe is for You

Betty’s Olive Garden Black Tie Mousse Cake

    By Jan Ashby     jan ashby writer

Just want to share a great, yet somewhat time consuming copycat recipe (Olive Garden’s Black Tie Mousse cake)..

VIEW FULL VIDEO INSTRUCTION – Step by step cooking:

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Olive Oil Beauty Tips from a North Dakotan

Sharing with You a Few “Secret” Beauty Tips – Olive Oil Based

BY JAN ASHBY    jan ashby writer

Olive oil can offer many benefits to you; there are health benefits, and beauty benefits too. Today I have some special beauty tips to share.

Of course, you are probably aware that olive oil is good for helping you control your cholesterol, and reduces your chance of getting colon cancer or breast cancer. Yet it also moisturizes the skin, and does some impressive things with your hair and scalp.  In other words, this post is called “olive oil beauty tips for skin and hair“.
Here are some homemade beauty treatments which work for me:     beauty-tips-skin-and-hair

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Spice it Up – It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Hi, I’m Jan Ashby  jan ashby

Today’s post is for Cinco di Mayo celebrations.  I have gone and located a really special Carnitas recipe which involves the use of milk (a vital component). The recipe calls for four to six lbs of Boston butt or Pork Shoulder – the cut of meat is important, so don’t substitute.  Additionally, the recipe calls for garlic cloves – and you may use minced garlic, if you are accustomed to making this kind of substitution.

This particular recipe is taken from Google Books – it is Bruce Aidells recipe, and is originally from The Complete Meat Cookbook

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