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That’s Mandarin Brings You Moo Shu Pork with Natural Ingredients


Hi Ya’ll.  Today we have a couple of Chinese cooking videos that depict the following:

  1. Moo Shu Pork
  2. Sweet and Sour Pork

In the first cooking video, it’s kinda condensed down – i.e., they’ve adjusted the video so that it doesnt waste yr time (it’s sped up, yet you still are able to follow along as each piece of instruction is written on the screen for you).

It’s about 3.5 minutes long; Laoshi Du Cong is the instructor, and she is “soft spoken”.  Also she’s speaking in chinese – but don’t worry, this really doesn’t affect things since there are video screen tips & List of ingredients shown on the screen.


Laoshi holds up each of the raw ingredients – like onion, whole ginger, and garlic slice.  This is about 45 seconds into the video – and then, at about 1 minute she explains you should soak the agaric & day lily in warm water SO they’ll expand !

One of the next ingredients is soy sauce – and then comes the corn starch.

Moo Shu Pork:  Did You Know?

In its traditional form, Moo Shu uses shredded pork & scrambled eggs, stir fried in peanut or sesame oil with wood ear mushrooms and day lily buds.  In this video, the cook explains the exact process for the day lily — so don’t worry, you can’t “screw it up”!



For a twist, here is a cooking video covering how to cook the vegetables for Moo Shu – it’s the vietnamese method, and I noticed in this video the lady chef uses chicken broth (& Pork shoulder meat), rice vinegar & kosher salt.

Plus ginger, garlic cloves, brown sugar, wood ear mushroom, purple & green cabbage, hoisin sauce (I’ve used this & it’s pretty good), carrot & green onion. And she will wrap all the veggies & meat in a flour tortilla.

It’s 6 minutes, if You care to watch “Moo Shu Vegetables”:

The Facts from Wikipedia: Moo Shu Pork

The next chinese cooking video is a doozy – it’s a Brit (who runs ) and I like his presentation.  He throws the ingredients into a stockpot, naming off each thing as he goes along .. Sort of spontaneous.

Now the first items he tosses into the pot:  vinegar (USE any type you want), hot chili peppers & some roughly-cut ginger + sugar; next comes the part where u “bring to a boil”.

Then ..he warns you that the VINEGAR is going to emit a real STRONG smell (ha – so watch out).  This is the first part of it; then he moves to a Wok.  He uses sunflower oil, and gets the wok quite HOT !

Have a Look at “SWEET and SOUR PORK”  (7 1/2 minutes long) –



You can subscribe to his channel if u wish. He seems t/b popular (over 42,000 subscribers) – Do so at


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