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Cast-Iron Cooking Equipment: Calphalon vs. Le Creuset vs Lodge

 Cast Iron Cooking Equipment


Use of Dutch Ovens:  Le Creuset vs Calphalon Dutch Oven

There is a Simply Calphalon Nonstick 7-qt. Dutch Oven at Amazon – and if you’re wondering what the reviewers have said (it’s been rated 5 Stars by 74% of owners), you can READ More .  It is touted to have easy cooking & easy cleaning – plus it’s got a see-through lid & a 10 Year warranty.    calphalon-dutch-oven


Now the cost of that one was $49.95.  Let’s compare it to a higher quality line of Dutch oven – Le Creuset.  If you take their 7 1/4 quart dutch oven, it’s enamelized (very durable) and will run you $349.95 .

Or you can explore Le Creuset’s Signature Enameled cast-iron 6 3/4 oval dutch oven for $344.95 .  It’s cherry colored, and 92% of reviewers ranked it at 5.0 Stars !


Attention Calphalon Lovers :

*If you’d appreciate exploring the Calphalon Dutch oven further, just hit this page .  It covers the 5 quart size, up to the 8 1/2 Quart size (both stainless steel & hard anodized cookware).


NEW EDITION:  Le Creuset 2 Quart     


Btw, there’s now an attractive Le Creuset 2 Quart enamel for about $194.95 . What’s unusual is that 98% rated this at 5 Stars.  It comes in a lot of nice colors, so you may like to check it out – visit Amazon .

Reviewers seemed to like that the above had 45% larger handles for “good gripping”.

Now, if you’d care to analyze another line, Amazon has the Lodge brand – which a lot of people did reviews for.  Over 3300 people rated Lodge 6 Quart EC6D43 “Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven” 4.6 Stars.  And there are 102 Answered Questions at amazon — You can check the answers here .



*Note: When you go to the product page, you could CLICK on “102 answered questions” – which is right up at the top near the product price. (there also is Care Instructions 1/2 way down the page)

I read a bit as to durability of the Lodge – i.e, I went through the reviews .. and one astute reviewer said that both Lodge and Le Creuset do not stain – whereas the budget models (as in Target etc.) do.  This smart lady went on to tell us that someone who intends on using their dutch oven daily may want to upgrade to the “higher-priced model” of Lodge – the reason is it has 4 coatings of enamel vs. just 2 coatings for the $69 Lodge six-quart model.

You can read about this at the Amazon page .


P.S.  For you campers – guess what?  They (amzn) carry special gloves for handling the Lodge Dutch oven
If you’d like to explore DUTCH OVENS further, pls visit THIS

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