In case you would like to have a unique dinner party, and pamper your guests
I’ll give you the following  information.  Now you know people love pasta and Italian.

I  have a special suggestion for your main course.  It is “Spaghetti Puttanesca”, and

the list of ingredients are:

2 cans of Italian tomatoes (canned or fresh)

1 pound dried pasta

1/4 cup of high grade olive oil

2 – 3 minced garlic cloves

1 teaspoon oregano (fresh)

1/2 cup of black olives

1/4 cup of capers

4-6 anchovy fillets
(washed and chopped)

salt and pepper


1/2 cup of  parsley
(Italian parsley) for garnish

Be careful with the salt, however, as you receive plenty from the anchovies.


Today we have

easy Italian recipe

in video form.  It should be fun.  It is based on making Spaghetti

Puttanesca.   Have you ever tried it?   Here’s your chance:

Bear in mind this easy Italian recipe uses fish – anchovy, to be exact.   So if you are allergic

or don’t care for anchovies, you can skip this recipe.



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