Healthy Chinese Recipes: Orange Chicken Minus the Fat

Healthy Chinese Recipes – Use Egg Whites and Healthful Ingredients

You want to ensure you make the pan nice and HOT for this

healthy chicken recipe

– you’ll use salt and pepper, Low-sodium chicken broth, cornstarch, and CHICKEN TENDERLOIN. There are more ingredients as well – here’s a rundown on what goes in the sauce:

2 Tbsp Low-sodium Soy sauce

3/4  Cup of Chicken broth

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Compilation of Beef Recipes: Chinese Recipes with Beef


CHINESE RECIPES WITH BEEF: P.F. Chang’s Recipes and More

By Jan Ashby

Today I am putting together a few chinese recipes with beef in them.  Of course, there are

other ingredients – such as broccoli or green onions .  I think you’ll especially like the

P.F. Chang recipe for Mongolian beef  (woo-hoo).


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Pesto Caesar Salad

My gosh, I love salad – especially Caesar salad – here is a Caesar salad.  With the

lemon-anchovy pungency of Caesar dressing, it packs quite a punch.  After the

video, I’ve included a pesto recipe in case you want to add it to your caesar salad

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Easy Italian Recipes

Number of Servings: 2

Easy Italian (Low Carb) Recipes: Creamy Grilled Strawberry Sandwich

Ingredients          Easy Italian Recipes

Easy Italian Recipe: The Making of Spaghetti Puttanesca



In case you would like to have a unique dinner party, and pamper your guests
I’ll give you the following  information.  Now you know people love pasta and Italian.

I  have a special suggestion for your main course.  It is “Spaghetti Puttanesca”, and

the list of ingredients are:

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