Vegetarian Cuisine:  What’s For Dinner Today?



Today we have a collection of vegetarian recipes for you to explore and enjoy:

  1. From –  Voila!  Enjoy these main vegetarian dishes
  2. From –  Top Vegetarian Recipes complete with reviews
  3. From –  20 For 20 – Ingredients to stock up on for your pantry
  4. From –  Top 20 Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes
  5. From Simplyrecipes –  The Most Wonderful Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes
  6. From Simplyrecipes    –  Carmelized Onion Quiche – To Die For!
  7. From 101Cookbooks   – Avocado Recipes:  Salads and Samplers
  8. From Simplyrecipes    –  Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Remoulade
  9. Fm AllRecipes –  A Variety of Vegetarian Recipes (Salads etc)
  10. Quick & EasyRecipes   –  Vegetarian Style (15 Minutes to 30 Minutes)
  11. 14 Quick Veggie Dishes  For The Hopeless Hapless Cook! These I Love!
  12. Savvy Vegetarian   –     Healthy Eating:  Recipes with Fresh Vegetables
  13. Gourmet Vegetarian Recipe:   A Bounty of Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes (A Listing)

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