Introducing My “Healthy Snacks” Pinterest Board!

FALL 2016


Hey everybody.  How are ya?

I have a new PINTEREST Board called Healthy Snacks – it has some COOL ideas ..

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Skinny Italian Recipes: Healthy Zuppa Toscana Soup

Skinny Italian Recipes:  Zuppa Toscana Soup (Copycat Olive Garden Style Recipe)

Reported by Jan Ashby   zuppa toscana soup

Today I want to share a new healthy soup video with you. I checked it out, and the chef in this video really does use healthier type ingredients..

For instance, instead of employing the use of pork sausage, he uses Jenny O turkey sausage – “Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage” to be precise.

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Video: This Sumptious Black Tie Mousse Recipe is for You

Betty’s Olive Garden Black Tie Mousse Cake

    By Jan Ashby     jan ashby writer

Just want to share a great, yet somewhat time consuming copycat recipe (Olive Garden’s Black Tie Mousse cake)..

VIEW FULL VIDEO INSTRUCTION – Step by step cooking:

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Dairy Free Gluten-Free Recipes: Sharing Several Top Resources

Dairy-Free Gluten Free Recipe Sites

By Jan Ashby

Hi.  Jan here.  Today I want to share with you some of the top resources on dairy free gluten free recipes that I’ve found in my journey across the Net.  The first one I’ll list requires a membership – yet it is a very organized site.. so it may be worth the $10 a month fee.  This is for you or your child’s health, after all.  It is called

With this site,  you will never want for Freezer-Friendly ideas.  These are easy and “family-friendly” freezable recipes you can warm up; including pasta dishes, slow-cooker soups & stews, and casseroles .  freezer-friendly-casseroles

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Best Gluten-Free Recipes: Chicken Cacciatore Recipes

Best Gluten Free Recipes for You

By Jan Ashby  jan ashby

Today I have hunted up several good sources for  Chicken Cacciatore casserole recipes, and slow cooker chicken recipes (plus Chicken Pot Pie recipes, homemade).  One truly good source turned up 35 different variations of chicken cacciatore – incredible variety (yummy!).  For those of you who have allergies, you’ll  be glad to know they’re in the “best gluten free recipes” category.

The site that has the 35 gluten-free chicken recipes is . One of the listings is for a recipe with garlic sauce – if you like garlic, you could go for this .  *Note: This recipe has 43 percent of daily Potassium requirement and 39 percent sodium

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